Sunday, 25 January 2015

It's only the middle of January....

Well, we are coming to the end of January already. 
My goal is to run 1000 miles in 2015, which is a lot of miles. 20 miles a week on average.
I decided to do this to try to raise $1000 for a wonderful charity close by to me named Mosiac
The charity helps people with intellectual disabilities. 
(Please let me know if you donate to this charity, so I can keep a track of the amount of $$$ raised!!!)
So, by now I should have ran about 60 miles. The last time I wrote a bog post, I had ran 20 miles, which was on target after 2 weeks. So off to a good start. 
In the past 2 weeks since then, I have recorded 25 miles, which totals 45 miles. I should be around the 60 mark, but I'm a little behind. I expected it to happen at some point, but I didn't think it would be so soon! 
So for up until now I have been taking pictures of my miles ran and positing them on the blog. This, it seems, can get very messy very quickly if you are not organized! I had to sit and figure out which pictures on my camera were old and which were new. I don't think this method will work so well, so I've decided you are going to have to trust me to post the right amount of miles. And I will. Cheating is not in my nature! So for the past two weeks I have photos of a total of 25 miles. (which I am not posting for the reasons just explained, and also because they aren't so fun to look at and I don't think anyone will really look at them anyway!). I actually think I ran a few more than that, but I either didn't take a picture, or it disappeared. (See how taking pictures can become complicated??!) Anyway. I have pics of a total of 25 miles, so that's what I will go with. 
So yes, I have to play catch up. I think I may need to create some sort of battle plan so I can fit them all in. I know some long runs are an order. 
There are so many quotes which inspire me, and today, I think this one is appropriate. 
Ok, so I have some work to do!! Ok, I'll be back in a couple of weeks!! :)
Keep running!! :)


  1. Stephanie - another easy way of keeping track of your miles and have it linked directly to your blog is If you go to my blog you will see the widget on the right.

    Good luck with the 1000 miles! My goal this year is 1200 miles, though I wasn't able to reach 1000 miles last year and like you, I am behind on my goal (and my B goal of 1000 miles). But there are still a lot of days in the year and you;ll be able to log more miles when the weather gets nicer.

  2. Falling behind will always be part of the game, just gotta keep your head up high and push through. I recommend something like or to keep track of miles through your year goals.