Saturday, 3 January 2015

Running for a Cause!

My first post on my new little blog:)

Welcome 2015! I'm setting myself a new goal this year related to running (or jogging!). I've decided to challenge myself just a little more!

One thousand miles in one year. It sounds pretty crazy, but I think I can do it! It is about 20 miles a week :D
Last year when I started logging my miles for my marathon, (my first marathon, which I finished in 4:50 in the rain!) I realized how quickly the miles add up, so this year I thought about stepping up the challenge to 1000 miles in one year! A nice round number:)
No walking included, just running (or jogging!). Not even the walking warm up or cool down. And to keep a track of the miles, I will take a picture of the mileage on my watch or the treadmill.
To keep me motivated, I've decided to 'run for a cause' -  for a great charity Mosaic.

I have volunteered here and so I know that it is a great charity which does a lot of great work:)

My goal is to raise $1000 in the year (a dollar a mile!) which definitely will make the miles worthwhile!
Here is a quick link to the donation page.

Please let me know (in person, text, or message) how much you donated so I can keep a track! And I will of course be adding updates on my total milage! I'm excited to 'run for a cause'! (I chose not to go through a website like 'justgiving' or 'gofundme' as I wanted all the sponsor money to go directly to the charity).
Thank you for your support!!!

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