Saturday, 10 January 2015

Starting Off!

So week 1 (and  bit..) is complete! New year, new start and new goals. 
I'm going to upload my mileage pictures to keep a record of my mileage online. All these little pictures makes 20 miles so far. I know they are kind of hard to read, but the mileage is at the top near to the left. I'm rounding down so that I don't include my warm up and cool down, which is walking.  You will be seeing A LOT of these over the year as I try to reach 1000 miles in a year! I think it's possible.  
I'll have to do lots of longer runs too. I haven't done much of this recently as I try to do longer runs outside and it is winter and freezing! I know it's not as bad as other parts of the US, but I'm a wimp and prefer to run in milder conditions. Most of my treadmill running is before/after a group fitness class, so it's generally only a few miles. But at least it's something - an they are helping me reach my goal! As the weather warms up (hopefully soon!) I'll try for some more outdoor runs. 
I've also been taking it a bit easier since my marathon, to give my legs and feet a bit of a break before adding up the mileage and speed again! I think soon I'll start to add in some intervals and hills, which I have not done in a while. 
I know treadmill running isn't the most exciting thing in the world -which is one of the reasons I love group fitness classes so much!  - but I can't complain too much as it keeps me fit, active, and helps me reach my goals! Whats more, I live in a pretty urbanized area, and running outside means dodging cars and navigating main roads, which is definitely not what I want to do when running. 
We do what we have to do to stay healthy, and if that means treadmills and the like, well that's what it has to be. 

So just a reminder as to why I set myself the crazy goal of running 1000 miles in a year -  to try to raise $$$ for
Hopefully $1000!!! Please let me know if you donate, so I can keep track!

Stay Warm and Healthy!! :)

PS here is the link to my 'writerun31' page

Which is basically running (or a form of exercise) and writing each day for 31 days - or the whole of January!  http://allthingssimpleandveggie.tumblr

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